SpaceApps NYC 2016

The Science Partnership Fund is pleased to announce that it will be the fiscal sponsor of the Space Apps NYC conference and hackathon to be held on Friday, April 22nd through April 24th in New York's Financial District. The invitation-only space conference for 300 people will be held at the newly opening Human Condition Global laboratory space at Broadway and Wall Street. Honored guests will give talks or be featured in panel discussions which will discuss the future of the commercial space industry in New York City, or will be relevant to any or all of the themes of this year's NASA Space Apps challenges. The entire conference and hackathon demos will be livestreamed to a worldwide audience; in 2015, over 11,000 people watched worldwide (per NASA's own Mission Report).

150 VIPs will be invited from a diverse list of the most reputable New York City institutions and organizations, including the Explorers Club and the American Museum of Natural History. The "TED style" conference will bring together space scientists, researchers, and engineers; space tech VCs and investors, commercial space reps, corporate execs; city, state and federal officials (from NASA and the highest levels of government); celebrities, astronauts, explorers, futurists; TV and film writers and authors, all to discuss the future of space in NYC.

Additionally 150 "space hackers" preparing for the NASA International Space Apps Challenge will attend the conference, including high school students from all across the city and a diverse group of participants from every walk of life. On April 23rd and 24th they will work around the clock on challenge statements provided by NASA at the 5th annual Space Apps NYC hackathon, to be held at LMHQ, the Lower Manhattan HeadQuarters community space.

Space Apps NYC is the New York City chapter of the NASA International Space Apps Challenge, a NASA Incubator Innovation program, designed to spark innovation across the planet and cultivate space science & technology ecosystems everywhere. Space Apps is a simultaneous, locally organized worldwide event held every year since 2012, where thousands of people across the planet work with each other and with NASA to create open source solutions that improve life on Earth and in space.

Further information about the 2015 SpaceApps NYC event and the NASA International Space Apps Challenge is below.