Slooh Observatory Classroom Membership

We are excited to announce a unique opportunity in the public engagement of astronomy.

The mission of the Slooh Observatory is to connect humanity through communal exploration of the Universe. They accomplish this using a global telescope network running patented software, conveying real time feeds of telescopes in the Canary Islands and elsewhere to astronomy enthusiasts around the world. They currently have over 500,000 users, who have made over 20 million views in the past 12 months. They have also formed partnerships with leading institutions including Google, ABC News, the Science Channel, and others, and have even attracted the personal attention of King Felipe VI of Spain.

The Slooh Observatory will soon be unveiling a state-of-the art upgrade to their platform, one that allows school groups with unprecedented access to astronomy; see the brochure below showing the many innovative features soon available. Students and their teachers will be able to interact with the many telescopes in the Slooh network, as well as recent show highlights, featured objects and events, and free community content. Slooh seeks to empower as many students as possible by providing these classroom subscriptions at only $1 per student per month.

To assist them in meeting this goal, they have partnered with Fiat Physica, the world's premiere crowdfunding platform for physics, astronomy and space projects. They introduce an untapped channel for fundraising and engagement between scientists and individuals who support their work. Campaigns on Fiat Physica bring awareness to these fields and important projects, and pave the way for future technology. Working with the non-profit Science Partnership Fund allows them to receive tax-deductible sponsorship from foundations and corporations.

We are now seeking sponsors for classroom subscriptions to the Slooh Observatory. Such sponsorship is completely flexible in amount and designation, whether a small gift designated for a particular local classroom or a larger amount for many classrooms nationwide. Any amount starting at $30 (for a classroom of 30 for one month) will be welcome.

We are particularly interested in matching donations, where sponsors match donations made by the public via a crowdfunding campaign launched by the classroom or other group. Your leveraged support will be prominently displayed on the campaign page, giving you visibility to all viewers. I have attached a mockup page of how your sponsorship would appear. This challenges the students to create a compelling campaign to elicit donations, and provides credibility to their project.

A key feature of our partnership with Slooh Observatory is that all crowdfunding campaigns will be collected on a single partner page, so that users may easily navigate through all related campaigns, and Slooh can easily publicize all campaigns at once.

To launch this initiative, Slooh Observatory is seeking a sponsor who is willing to cover 100 classrooms of 30 students (a total of 3,000 students) for a nine month period. This comes to a total of $27,000. However, even if you are not able to sponsor a campaign of this magnitude, we would be glad to accommodate sponsorships of any amount for classroom subscriptions. We would like to have as many sponsorships as possible set up in advance of the grand unveiling.

Click to download the brochure about Slooh's new Platform
Your sponsorship will be recognized directly on the campaign page