SciFest Dubai: Celebrating Science through the Arts

SciFest Dubai is a platform to promote creativity, critical thinking, innovation, and STEAM education through numerous workshops, thinktanks, projects, conferences, community initiatives, and radio shows. The event has support from the highest government officials, partnering with Dubai's Knowledge and Human Development Authority. Past speakers have included Neil Degrasse Tyson, Steven Pinker, David Deutsch, Matt Ridley, Ray Kurzweil, and Peter Diamandis.

The 7-day festival is a huge presence in Dubai: the 2016 event had 500 Volunteers, 15,000 visitors, and 250,000 student and parents reached. The past three years of the festival had a cumulative total of over 300 events, 40,000+ audience members and participants, 500,000+ social media followers, and was covered by the local and international press including BBC World.
The 2017 Dubai Science Festival takes place from November 1-7.

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SciFest core values

Intelligent Optimism: Intelligent Optimism is about being thrilled, excited, and optimistic about the future in an informed and rational way based on what science and technology have to offer.

Scientific Literacy: Science is more than a collection of facts. It's a way of thinking. When one looks at the world through a scientifically literate lens, the world becomes a place full of answers and free from superstition.

Cosmic Citizenship: Cosmic citizenship is about moving beyond being merely a global citizen and thinking about oneself as a citizen of the universe. It involves seeking knowledge about the cosmos and being future ambassadors for planet Earth.

Collaboration: The 21st century calls for collaboration over competition. "We" is the new "Me" - especially in the fields of science and education.

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Dr. Abdulla Al Karam

Director General of Knowledge and Human Development Authority

SciFest Dubai Festival Director

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Opening Ceremony Keynote Conference: Critical Wonder Serious Awe

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