Science For All

The Need: Beyond Basic Literacy

In a world driven by science and an economy that is increasingly knowledge-based, basic literacy and numeracy are not enough to remain competitive. Access to training in high level STEM skills is crucial for students from low- income communities, for whom such a training can open up transformative career opportunities and be a key driver of economic progress.

Core Activities

✦ Training STEM Instructors: Recruit, train and place SEI Fellows in low-income classrooms. Provide STEM pedagogy training and professional development opportunities for SEI Fellows.
✦ Evaluation & Policy Outreach: Generate rigorous evidence for effective strategies for delivering STEM education and work with policy makers to scale programs.

Improving STEM Literacy is a Global Challenge

High-quality STEM education is the key to tackling global grand challenges in health, environment, and energy. Yet, there is an acute shortage of STEM teachers around the world.

What We Do

Our mission is to support dynamic, young leaders as they launch and scale STEM teacher-residency programs in their own countries.

Science for All facilitates knowledge transfer to local leadership teams which operate STEM teacher residencies. We provide support for design of training programs, convene experts to train STEM teacher-residents, fund the leadership teams, and assist them in local fundraising efforts.

Science for All also brings together leading scientists, technologists, education researchers, and practitioners to monitor and evaluate the local programs. Through a rigorous, evidence-based approach our goal is to dramatically improve the impact of our programs.

How We Do It

SEI country directors forge partnerships with local colleges & school districts. They run programs that recruit, train, and place undergraduates and graduates in local underserved classrooms


The SEI Fellowship is India’s first STEM teacher residency program. Since 2014, SEI India has trained 95 Fellows. A randomized evaluation in 2016 showed that classrooms with SEI Fellows performed 25% better than a control group

Scaling SEI India

The SEI India Growth Fund will support the scaling of the SEI Fellowship program in India over the next two years. The Fund will support the training of 300 SEI Fellows over 2017-2019, impact 11,000 students, and build leadership capacity to scale the program to 5 cities by 2020.

Sponsorship Packages

Donations can be tailored to the particular funder and their mission. Below is a list of possible categories, intended as a guide.

Accelerator: $200,000

• Support and train 200 SEI Fellows during 2017-2018
• Named sponsorship announcement on all posters and social media posts and special press release announcing partnership
• Customized short promo film describing the program and highlighting the sponsor

Growth Partner: $100,000

• Support and train 100 SEI Fellows during 2017-2018
• Sponsorship inclusion on all posters and social media posts

Lead Supporter: $50,000

• Support and train 50 SEI Fellows during 2017-2018
• Identified as lead supporter on social media, posters, and all program documents

Lead Supporters